Working with Spirit

Spirit – supernatural being, entity, energy or essence. Metaphysical in it’s nature; non physical part of a person.

Kyla has experienced spirit working with her since the age of 11. It took many years of training and studying, as well as the gift given to her, to achieve the results when communicating with spirit that often occur now. Spirit communication is often referred to as mediumship or being a medium.

Many of the women in Kyla’s family have shown significant abilities in this area, though only Kyla and her mother Carol have worked within the industry. This is why Kyla is known as a 2nd generation psychic medium.

People often ask if it is something that is “handed down”. We all have extra sensory abilities, it is just a matter of whether we choose to utilise them. In saying that, the advantage of when it is generational, is that it is a more “open” environment to grow and learn to understand your ability.

While being blessed with many aspects to her intuition Kyla appreciates this one the most. It brings such hope to her clients and closure to many. It also allows her to meet so many wonderful energies.

Kyla describes the way spirit work with her as “Impressing upon me feelings, thoughts, physical sensations, memory of places and events. Sometimes smells are present, visions and always chatter. They’re all very unique to their own character and personality traits. As above, so below so to speak. Even animals come through, so it rarely gets boring!”

When working with spirit ALWAYS use the white light for protection, or an alternative reliable source.

Imagine yourself in a bubble of white light. Perfectly protected. Always ask that you only bring through someone from the light and for your highest and best good.

“It is always an honour and a blessing to be able to work with spirit. Whether that be someone that has passed or a person’s higher self or guide.” ~ Kyla

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