Reiki is “tapping into” the Universal Life Energy

A powerful transformative tool that is relaxing, invigorating and effective on a variety of ailments, conditions, and illness. It even assists mental and emotional issues and is able to travel across distance.

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Reiki is an ancient form of healing that was first developed by Dr Usui, pictured above, in 1922 after three weeks of fasting, prayer and meditation on Mt Kurama, Japan.

During this time Mikao Usui received the enlightenment on how to heal without energy depletion, also how to attune others to apply the healing energy of what is known today as Reiki.

Reiki as practiced today in Western society has been adapted by Hawayo Takata, Dr Usui’s grandaughter. Bringing the distinction of three levels of teachings and attunements. Level I, Level II and Master Level.

The initial level has the individual open up to the Reiki energy, often instigating profound life shifts. This occurs over a weekend intensive course and after receiving four attunements.

The second level has more of an impact on the ability to amplify and send the energy across distance and time.

Once a practitioner has completed their Masters Degree they are able to teach and attune.

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